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Moorea Hotels & Resorts

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Moorea Pearl Resort
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Things to Do in Moorea

French Polynesia is a tropical destination with lots of sun and just enough rain for its luxuriant vegetation and its colorful flowers. It receives in average 2,500 to 2,900 of sunshine per year. (ie : 8 hours of sun per day). Temperatures range between 24°C and 30°C all year through and lagoon water temperature varies between 23°C and 26°C.

Like Bora Bora, the magic island of Moorea, Tahiti’s little sister, has become a hot spot of tourism in Polynesia. With its diversified hotel infrastructure, Moorea possesses all the assets to display its charm and originality: breathtaking and accessible beaches, mysterious and strangely-shaped mountains, scores of nautical activities and unforgettable excursions. Its inhabitants are totally dedicated to offering you a traditional welcome the way ancient Polynesians did. They will help you discover their magnificent island.

A tour around the island by rented car, scooter or bicycle! If 2 hours are enough to complete the 62-km circle road, it is recommended to take the whole day in order to fully enjoy the many points of touristic interest.

A lagoon ride in a canoe or a boat (in the daytime or at sunset), is a magical experience.

Explore the inside of the island in a 4WD, an ATV, a mountain bike ride, riding, or just hiking to access incredible view points over the spectacular bays and the incredibly lush and tropical flora.

The underwater world visit is a must wether you snorkel, scuba-dive, helmet dive or stay dry & comfortable aboard the Aquadisco.

Enjoy a “Ma’a Tahiti” (Tahitian meal cooked in an underground oven): it is served just about everywhere in restaurant & snacks, mostly week-end.

The Agriculture vocational School in Opunohu Bay where you will discover local flowers and plants and taste the wonderful home-made juice, ice cream and jams. maison.

Moorea Green Pearl Golf: the new Golf of Temae is a 18-holes international golf course, designed by Nicklaus Design.

Moorea is a magical island for all types of sports events. Organized in a dreamlike setting, major events such as the Marathon, the Triathlon or the Exotic Adventure Raid make Moorea a renowned place for the organization of international sport events.

Two trails lead you to each of them. One starts 150 m from the hospital, the other one from the Afareaitu School driveway.

The Toatea View Point in Temae, right above Hotel Sofitel Ia Ora, where you can admire the lagoon colors and a breathtaking view of Tahiti island. A must at sunset!

World famous Cook’s Bay, framed by jagged mountains, where large cruise ships and luxurious yachts often anchor.

Opunohu Bay, a more pristine bay, where Captain Cook actually anchored in 1777.

The Belvedere View Point (790 ft) accessible by two roads, one starting at the end of Cook’s Bay which runs across pineapple fields. The other starts at the end of Opunohu Bay, goes through the Agriculture vocational School and passes near archeological sites (marae) before reaching the spectacular panoramic view point over the 2 bays,Opunohu on the left, Cook on the right, separated by Mt Rotui, the sacred Mountain of Ancient Polynesians.

Many hiking paths have been opened in the last few years, from Opunohu’s valley, Paopao, Vaiare, Vaiane, Haapiti...For the well-trained hikers, the perced Mountain Mou’a Puta is an unforgettable excursion. It is advices to go with a professionnal guide.

Temae's public beach, accessible by the motu Temae's road, near by the airport, offering an exceptional swimming area and a large playground.

The Moorea Dolphin Center, inside the Intercontinental Resort & Spa Moorea, is a unique park where you can see dolphins in action; a unique opportunity to swim with these marine mammals and to learn all about them.

While there, take the opportunity to visit the Sea Turtles’ Centre where the association Te mana o te moana takes care of wounded turtles before freeing them again.

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