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""Oh my gosh, we had such a great time. The resort was simply awesome. We loved the daily spa treatments, enjoyed the restaurants, and did a bunch of reading by the beach. It was the perfect place to spend a honeymoon...."
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About Darley Travel

Having been born in to an 'aviation-related' family, I was on airplanes traveling the world from the time I was born. My father worked for United Airlines, so we were privileged to use the benefits as a result of that. I got hooked - plain and simple - on the joys of travel. I also learned that travel can be stressful and complicated, and that a trained professional can make the whole process smooth and pleasurable. Hence, our catch-phrase "THE PLEASURE VENDORS".

Places I've Been:

Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tahiti, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico (extensively), Peru, Chile, Argentina, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Turks and Caicos, USA (of course) with emphasis on Hawaii (been there over 40 times), Canada, Europe (extensively). I have escorted groups/tours in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Mexico, Europe, Caribbean, Canada and the USA.

My Dream Vacation:

Tropical paradise with my husband and son. Long, warm days, and star-filled nights listening to the gentle waves roll on to shore.

Interesting Tales:

There are too many to tell! My most recent adventure was aboard the Wind Song ship of the Windstar Cruise line when it caught fire in Tahitian waters and we had to abandon ship in the middle of the night! Email Sandy for details. Other than that, being in the middle of a military coup in the Philippines, caught in hurricanes/typhoons, held by the Taiwanese government for visa infractions, being attacked by a rabid dog in Peru, getting trapped underneath a raft while river rafting in New Zealand, getting stung by jelly fish in Mexico, dancing so fervently that i could not walk the following day. More to come....stay tuned!

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