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Destination Weddings

"Destination Wedding".  What is that?  Why should we consider a destination wedding for you?

Let us show you how cost-effective a destination wedding can really be. 

If Aunt Fern is flying to your wedding from Fernville, staying at the Motel up the street, needing you to take her to and from the rehearsal dinner, the bride's brunch, the wedding, and to visit Uncle Farquhar's favorite bar, then consider this:  For almost the SAME MONEY and a lot LESS EFFORT, Aunt Fern can fly to sunny Cancun and spend four days, eating, drinking and partying with the wedding party!  No one has to haul her around, feed her, or sober her up :) ....  Everyone saves money, time, headaches so you can relax and play and get the "PARTY" in "WEDDING PARTY" started! 

We have a dedicated team of professionals in the USA and in locations throughout the world including local wedding planners, off-site special venues, and world-class photographers who can make your wedding the dream made real. 

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